[S2] [Non-KOS] pant...

[S2] [Non-KOS] panther Recruitment Thread  


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20/04/2018 1:00 am  


We are a group of veteran DayZ players.

our main focus is helping wounded players and killing bandits.






-Tactical Communications



-Over 500+ Hours on DayZ

*Some exceptions can be made*

~Application Format~

Steam Profile link:


Hours on DayZ (Screenshot required):

Previous groups (if any):

Why would you like to join Panther:

How active will you be? (Ex: 5-6 Days a week):


Post application on here, if you don't feel comfortable making a post on here then send me a message on Discord

Squid discord ID - Squid#1284


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05/09/2018 5:45 am  

The name is Bear, I am on, if not every day, almost every day.  I'm 35 and I have almost 1500 hours on dayz.  I don't like kos style, I am here more for interaction and the randomness that is dayz.  It is really cool when you can help out new people or people who are being bullied by bandits.  Only problem is that sometimes discord messes with my sound in my computer so i don't know if I will be able to use it.  I am used to Teamspeak.  I can read a map pretty well, but I am still learning the map, it is a big map.