Trump's Wall RP Server Rules  


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Trump's Wall RP Server Rules

No Kill on Sight - You must make your intentions clear to someone you'd like to rob or take hostage, you must also give them reasonable time to comply with your demands, you may not kill them if they comply, you may not leave your hostage handcuffed or restrained after the robbery, you must leave them with reasonable chance of survival

No Powergame - (forcing someone to RP something without a game mechanic) - i.e I'm burning your face

No Metagame - talking to people over Discord while getting robbed or using out of character info in-game, an example is checking pulse and reading their name aloud(when readded to 0.63)- USING DISCORD/TS IS ALLOWED BUT WE RECCOMEND IN GAME VOICE

GearRP - this is the act of doing something like robbing, while conducting a robbery the people initiating the robbery must RP and not simply demand items, this is strictly forbidden, you must RP more than just “put your hands up” and your reason must be more than “ I wanted his M4”

After a robbery or being tortured, the party that was robbed has 30 minutes of KOS rights on those who have robbed them(both partys now have rights to kill), if the party that robbed them is in a safezone, please contact an admin

No racism, sexism, bullying etc.

You may not log out or enter a safe zone during a firefight

You must have a first name(Last Name is optional) in-game, please add -Name=NAME to your Dayz Launch Options to remove the default "Survivor" name

No glitching/exploiting/duping/hacking, this is a perm ban

Hostile actions are not permitted in safe zones

Cannibalism is not grounds to kill anyone, this goes for both sides of the spectrum and you may not kill for human meat

Force feeding human meat is not allowed

Any toxicity, any attempts to cause disruption, or incite chaos amongst the community will result in a perm ban from all Trump's Wall Servers